Home Visiting and CHIP Extended For Two Years

Early Childhood advocates across the nation are celebrating news of President Obama signing the SGR bill into law!  SGR includes funding to continue MIECHV for the next 2 years and also continues support for CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program).   In a rare display of bipartisan support, the bill received overwhelming support in both the House (392-37) and the Senate (92-8).

Please give yourself a much deserved pat on the back!  And, be sure to thank those who helped make this happen—our local advocates and our legislators who voted to continue this important funding.   Both Senator Warner and Senator Kaine voted in support of this legislation and all but one of Virginia’s Congressional Representatives (Dave Brat, Republican, 7th District) voted in favor of this legislation.  Please be reach out to your local representative and Senator to thank him or her for their support.   And, plan to join us as we continue our work to educate Virginia leaders about the effectiveness of home visiting and the importance of investing in early childhood.

See a brief summary of this legislation HERE.

As always, thanks for all that you do on behalf of Virginia families and children!

Laurel Aparicio, MPA
Director, Virginia Home Visiting Consortium

Virginia’s Home Visiting Consortium (HVC) is a collaboration of statewide early childhood home visiting programs that serve families of children from pregnancy through age 5.
HVC Mission:
Since 2006, the Virginia Home Visiting Consortium has been advancing the delivery of high quality, efficient services that improve the health, social, and educational outcomes for new and expecting parents, young children, and their families within safe homes and connected communities.

    Core strategies: Guide, Lead, Collaborate, and Research

The HVC guides through coaching, professional development, and technical assistance for high quality services.
The HVC leads in resource development, innovation, efficiency, and advocacy to sustain and expand high quality services.
The HVC collaborates and coordinates home-based services across public and private agencies for greater impact.
The HVC facilitates research through data collection, analysis, and evaluation for continuous improvement and growth.